Way of the Bird King

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Read the fairytale featuring all the trolls from Way of the Bird King.

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Fairytale and Exhibition

During the summer of 2023 I drove through the USA and installed ten amazing larger than life troll sculptures made from locally sourced recycled wood. The road trip was called Way of the Bird King and now you can also read the fairytale featuring all the trolls from Way of the Bird King:
In a world where chaos swirls and destinies intertwine, Oscar, a once-ordinary young wooden troll, reluctantly finds himself engulfed in a great adventure. Traveling through forest, mountains, endless planes and over wicked waters Oscar meets new friends and a few foe’s, a sweet old Orca swimming in the dark goo and a little human child with a birdhouse staff.
Will Oscar find the legendary Bird King? Or does destiny have a different crown waiting for him?

Dive into this enthralling tale that weaves folklore, environmental awareness, and the discovery of one’s true potential.

94 pages
Edition number 1
Language: English
Format: Soft cover book
Size:  178 mm × 125 mm × 6 mm

ISBN: 978-87-973162-5-2

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